Frequently Asked Questions

So, how does it all work?


We've spent literally years inputting advertising from around the world into three logic based algorithmic entities. Using highly confidential and proprietary software, these artificial creatives custom match similar work and match it to your exact needs. 

Can I still use a traditional agency?


If you want a bunch of coke sniffing, buzzword riffing hippies working on your precious brand, go right ahead. We'd rather you use our algorithms. They don't eat. They don't drink. We can work them all day and all night. And that's what you've always wanted. It's what you NEED in today's competitive, fast moving marketing world. Change the paradigm. Change it NOW.

David Droga could have written this Chinese Chicken ad*


Our campaign for Qingdao Union Chicken was so effective, there were queues for their delicious dumplings around the block. We're even considering entering the work in Cannes. Yes. That's right. Cannes. The domain of the (now defunct) human creative. And, of course, they won't be smashing expensive Rose. Expensive Rose that YOU PAY FOR.

And here's the best bit. Because the algorithms scan historical advertising going back to the seventies, you could end up with a procedurally generated campaign that's based on the advertising DNA of some of the great advertising names WITHOUT PAYING THEIR EXORBITANT SALARIES. That's value. That's talent. That's getting a computer to write your chicken ads.

*He didn't write this ad. Maybe he inspired the Chicken hat. We just don't know. 

And that should be legally fine.